The Truth about Mercury Retrograde

Photo courtesy of Peter Lomas on Pixabay

Mercury Retrograde has always been labeled as a time to be wary of. It’s been a time where anything serious needs to be put on hold, except looking back and reflecting on feelings, emotions and what not’s.

You’ve been led to believe that life needs to stop during this planet’s transit…which happens three times a year. But now that has all changed.

Being that I’m writing this during a Mercury Retrograde and I’ve started my writing career during this same transit, it has actually shown me something much different.

You see many people have used this planet to blame things that have gone awry during it’s retrograde phase. While some things, especially communication, electronics and travel glitches are more likely during this time, the fact of the matter is that life does go on regardless of what Mercury does.

The trick to getting through it unscathed is to not fear it and be living in your truth. When you do that, these hiccups simply won’t effect you. You’ll see it effect others and you’ll watch them struggle. But that’s only because they are evading their own truth. They are resisting change by not facing exactly what is showing up for them.

When you live in your truth by following your passions, your energy naturally balances out because you’re doing something that you enjoy.

When you do things that make you happy, your energy frequency raises to a higher level. The higher the level the more inner light you shine out in the world. Considering that everyone and everything is made up of energy, you can see how this could effect things.

Mercury being in retrograde simply shows you your truth…the one you are hiding from. It’s about following something beyond yourself. This is why you’ll notice things repeat itself during this time. It’s that truth door that tends to open up and say, “What about this?”

You are resisting something because you are afraid of it. Yet it’s the ego keeping you in this illusion as the ego likes playing on your fears as a way to retain it’s power over you. This is why it’s important to always follow your heart since the heart simply knows what it wants and goes after it without fear.

You can’t be a certain person on the inside and completely shy away from it on the outside.

For example, if you connect to loved ones that have passed while you’re at home, you likely connect to them around other people. But when spirit tries to make a connection while you’re out with your friends and you don’t deliver a message because you’re afraid of what people will think of you, is not living in your truth. Mercury Retrograde will likely have a way of bringing this out of you by helping you deal with the fears associated with your true abilities.

Mercury Retrograde is not something to fear, it’s a time to take notice of your true feelings. What’s staring you in the face? What’s coming up repeatedly during this time? What’s not working for you? See it for what it is then release it.

Once you’ve gone full circle on this and live in your truth both inside and out, Mercury Retrograde will no longer effect you… except for the occasional appliance or electronic glitch. This is a time when if something has an energetic “flaw”, it will show itself.

It’s also a great time for resolution to an unsolved problem whether it’s about your health, your car or a cold case. Again, Mercury Retrograde tends to reveal the truth and it’s not something to fear. Embrace it and thank this mighty planet for helping you to move forward in your life. Now is the time to be in alignment with your soul purpose…Mercury Retrograde simply helps you to get there by showing you your truth.

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