Energy update for March 2019

Photo courtesy of Biegun Wschodni on Unsplash

Here we are in Mercury retrograde and the reviews, rewinds, and wonky things have begun to show themselves. I’ve had WiFi and printer connection issues. What seemingly worked a week ago no longer works currently.

This means reboots, reconnects and replacing it with something new and more powerful. Which ties right into the dreams I’ve been having the last two nights.

The first dream was about returning to a previous location. I was reminded of what the major issue was and the reason I had lived there in the first place. This has a lot to do with my energy and light that was in place there for three years.

Also, when other people show up in your dreams, it’s likely that you’re helping them awaken to their true and authentic selves…even if you can’t quite see it yet. Know that you are playing an active role in their lives, on some level, as they are in yours.

My second dream involved family members. We were all moving in together into this new space that was empty (cleared). I started to move my stuff in but then had to move back to my old space as the new space needed some upgrades like granite countertops and a proper ventilation system.

This means that many will be holding in their old space for a bit longer while your new space is being upgraded and made ready for you to move into it.

It won’t be long now before this next phase takes place. The space is not occupied, it sits empty waiting for you. But because it’s gaining some new perks…you need to wait for it to be completed before you can enter it.

This is indicative of people moving dimensions from 3D to 4D or 4D to 5D. This also represents a shift in consciousness which is part of the push forward to New Earth that began on January 31st.

So while you review a few things this month, also keep in mind that as people continue to transition (this is an ongoing process), they may try to bring you with them. This means that they can attach their energy to you and try to manipulate you in some way. It’s really more about them trying to sway you into their way of thinking.

This month is also about some minor rewiring. I just purchased a floor lamp from Savers that worked perfectly fine but needed a new shade and some paint. But when I got it home, I realized that the switch to turn it on broke in transit from the store to my house.

As I learn to work in new creative ways, I had to look up how to fix this and it likely involves purchasing a new socket, cutting wires or replacing them. I may just replace the whole kitten caboodle.

This indicates that everyone is internally rewiring now prior to moving into their new spaces. This is so you can have new and improved connections in relationships going forward. And it also cuts the cords to those that no longer serve in your highest and best good.

Yes, literally everything is a writing assignment for me. 😁

It’s equally important that you maintain your personal boundaries this month. Say no to things that drain your energy, get plenty of rest and simply allow things to flow naturally.

Some symptoms cropping up are the feelings of being done and over with the same scenarios playing out. Being angry that nothing “appears” to be changing. Again this has more to do with the space that’s being created for the next shift.

There’s a sense of wanting to work on something and then as you do you can feel held back in some way. It’s a lot like trying to put your foot on the gas with the emergency brake on. You literally are going nowhere quickly even though you want to.

You may feel exhausted, burnt out, suffer from a lack of sleep or sleep more than usual. Cravings of chocolate and carbs…comfort foods are happening as well.

Hang in there and know that this is to get us to relax and have some downtime for a bit. Because once the new space opens up, you’ll want to start moving in, putting things in place and decorating it to make it your own.

The dates where you’ll likely find new ideas or truth emerge are the 11th, 17th, 22nd and 31st. The truth can be yours, someone around you or something from out in the world. Either way, you’ll learn something new, have something click into place (an “Aha” moment), see your next step or come up with a new idea.

This kinda gives new meaning to spring doesn’t it? The equinox will also help nudge us all forward as well. So there’s a lot happening behind the scenes this month but it’s all in preparation for the new space that we are all about to enter into.

There’s so much greatness to look forward to along with new connections coming up.

Happy Spring!! 🌷🌼

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