Are you feeling blue after a move?

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When you make a major change in your life, like a move to a new location, you may feel absolutely wonderful at first that you finally got to move. You’re happy, upbeat and certain that anything is now possible.

Yet shortly after you’ve made the move it’s like the happiness wears off and then you wonder if it was the right decision or not. You start to question everything. You may even feel depressed.

This is an energy transition period which can be best explained like this…

When you are about to relocate to a new home one of the first things you do is put a forwarding order in with the post office. You want to be certain that you receive your mail.

But after the move, now you have to notify each and every person you have contact with, every company you do business with, your bank, your family and friends, your doctors, health insurer, etc. and tell them what your new address is.

Depending on how many people you have to notify, this can be a bit of a drawn out process as it takes a little while for it to trickle all the way through the system. And there may be one or two stragglers…people you forgot to tell.

This is where you are after you move…in transition from one energetic space to another. It can also feel as though you’re in a space of “nothingness” which can be super frustrating. But you need to allow the energies to balance out.

A move is a major upheaval in your life and it needs time to process because you hold a certain degree of light within you. The more sensitive you are the harder you’ll feel the transition.

Think about it this way…the light that you carry has been in place at your old location for however long you’ve lived there. Now, you’ve literally yanked that light out of there and placed it somewhere new. Both locations need to adjust to that fact and you’ll feel like resting, crying, sleeping or not doing much of anything. Know that this is temporary as the energies attempt to balance out.

If you’ve moved into a community like an apartment complex, watch over the following months how many people move in and out.

You see the light that you carry resonates at a certain frequency and those who are not equipped or capable of handling that much light at your frequency level at the time will leave the area. While those that are in need of your light are attracted to it, will see it on some level and will move closer to it. Both will feel the pressure to move.

This also happens when you advance to a new energetic level. That’s why people will shift in and out of your life. It’s all about connecting to people’s energies. Some are waiting for the higher frequency so that they can advance, while others are afraid of it and run for the hills.

To put this in better perspective, you may carry the energy from the fifth dimension (5D) while others around you may be in the third (3D) or fourth (4D). The higher the dimension the higher the frequency. Now you see how this can effect those around you.

You may also feel sucked back in to the old location. You may feel the people and the energy attempt to draw you back in. But when you go back to visit the area you’ll feel like you don’t belong there.

Again, this is a process that needs to unfold as the transition of your energy and light transfer from one place to the other. This is why you can have moments of bliss and joy and then moments of dread and despair.

So go easy on yourself. Allow things to settle as they should. Don’t try to force anything to happen and give yourself plenty of time to rest and to get acclimated with your new surroundings and your new energetic space. Because once things balance out, new opportunities will be presenting themselves, the blues will dissipate and you’ll be back to your blissful and joyous state once again.**

**If for some reason the blues hang on for longer than anticipated, please seek treatment with an appropriate professional.

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