Are reviews swaying your decision making skills?

Part of moving forward may mean changing up many things like your doctor’s for one. I’m currently going through this.

Naturally the first thing you do is look at their reviews. Great reviews? Excellent! You’ll make the appointment. But great reviews don’t equal great care and bad reviews don’t necessarily mean not so great care as each person’s opinion and experience can vary.

For instance, I tried a new chiropractor based on glowing reviews and a recommendation from my hairdresser but not from my instincts. Here’s how it went…

The first visit was to examine my spine and get information from me and to explain how he goes about doing things. He was pleasant and clearly knowledgeable.

The second visit should’ve involved some sort of adjustment. But he kept looking at the alignment of the spine and then he became preoccupied with a personal matter on his phone. While he did apologize for the interruption, it was a landlord problem that in my opinion could’ve waited until he was in between patients.

I can understand that emergencies do happen, but this wasn’t a life or death situation so his patients should’ve been his priority. Having said that, I won’t settle for less because I deserve someone’s full attention especially as it relates to my health. But I’ll give him one more try.

As a side note, I suffer from osteoarthritis of the spine and chiropractic care has been the only treatment that has been effective at keeping me mobile…along with yoga, walking and lifestyle changes. So I tend to view my chiropractor as my primary care doctor since I have regular visits.

The third visit he used some sort of tool on me that sounded like a mini MRI but looked like a power drill. Then I was taped in two separate areas of the back to “hold the adjustment” in place. Umm, what adjustment?

While I understand each chiropractor has their own methods, this one simply was not working for me. I cancelled my fourth visit and am moving on.

As we travel the road to the New Earth, you must learn to trust your instincts. Don’t follow the crowd because everyone says it’s great. Go because it feels like a good fit for your needs.

Again, reviews won’t explain your own experience which is likely to be vastly different from everyone else’s. So if you buy furniture from a place who’s reviews say the delivery service sucks…and this is the only place that has what you’ve been looking for…try it anyways. You could be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Reviews are opinions. Some people experience lousy service everywhere they go because of a lesson that they are trying to learn. It could be that they need to speak up for themselves. But their experience is likely not going to be your experience.

Ask yourself these questions…are you waiting for your cues? Are you going with what “feels” right for you? Or are you allowing others opinions (reviews) to sway your decision making skills?

Here’s the thing…even if you choose something that doesn’t turn out to be a good fit for you as I did, you can always make a new choice. So don’t beat yourself up thinking you should’ve known better because it’s all about learning what your specific needs are. Remember that this is your journey and you get to decide what comes next.

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