March and the abundance train

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos on Pixabay

I had an interesting experience at Target the other day. I walked into the store and they had lost power but the checkout was up and running.

It was rather odd shopping in the dark but there was a little light from the emergency lights. The rest of the time I had to use my cell phone’s light.

The employees were taking down all of the refrigerated and frozen food since apparently the power had been out for a couple of hours. I’m not surprised considering the high winds we had that day.

What’s even funnier is that many other people decided to shop in the dark too. They figured that the door was open so why not.

There was this one guy using a hula hoop that lit up while the one he was with filmed him. It was a truly unique experience and no one complained.

This is a direct correlation to what’s happening energetically. Everyone is trying to navigate in the dark with the light they have available to them. Those that aren’t up for the challenge will naturally stay out of the store.

When things appear chaotic there’s actually an orderly plan playing out. So going about your business while making the best of the circumstances presented to you is the way to go.

Eventually the store regained full power again and it was all systems go. This is what the energy currently feels like. But if this week has been any indication then March is going to be one busy month.

I have found myself being pushed to get things done lately. One night I had gotten home exhausted and ready to crash when I felt the sudden urge to go to Goodwill after dinner. I went and found a few items that I needed.

But what’s truly interesting about these times is how we go about getting on the abundance train.

For instance, this week I had been to several different places looking for furniture. I’d been on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and many local clearance outlets…but couldn’t find anything so I gave up.

This morning I woke up with a need to go back to a clearance outlet to get a couch that I already saw. Once I got there I realized I was too late as it had been sold. But I know it’s not that I missed out on something…it’s that there was something better waiting for me.

And as it turned out, the one I thought I wanted that was sold, turned out to be too large for my space. But the couch I found was the same texture and color family. And this worked out better because it was cheaper too. It actually turned out better than I had anticipated.

This is how we manifest what we need in the new earth. We follow our instincts, wait for our cues and go with the flow.

In March, you’ll start to see a lot more of these abundance “hits” begin to play out. So if you find yourself frustrated or confused simply wait it out. You’ll know what you need to do and where you need to go at precisely the right moment. Trust in the Universal flow of abundance.

Welcome to March! 🌞

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