People ARE changing

Photo courtesy of komahouse on Pixabay

Something I’ve noticed in my travels lately is how some people have changed for the better….like night and day better.

I’m talking about people that you may have butted heads with in the past…you know the ones that tried to undermine you or act like you didn’t exist? Or the ones that were anything but helpful.

Well some of these people have suddenly become very helpful, even go out of their way to be helpful and compassionate. They’ve done a complete turnaround.

This is all part of that justice wheel that’s spinning. It’s true that what comes around goes around but for some, it’s a nice change of pace. It’s nice to see that the positive transition is indeed happening. It helps us to see that it’s not “all for nothing”.

This is all part of us moving forward. While not everyone is in the same lane as far as learning goes…everyone is learning nonetheless. Having said that there are some pretty big transformations happening right before your very eyes. So if it’s not happening for you yet, don’t worry…it will.

As we head into spring, you’ll likely see more of this as people have a seismic shift in consciousness. This is from the effects of the back to back energy downloads we had on December 11-12th. This particular shift will be felt for months to come.

It’s also due to the massive push forward that we received on January 31st. This was a push towards the New Earth so it makes sense that we are now starting to see the changes that these shifts have made. And we’ll see much more over the rest of the year.

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