Let go of expectations

Photo courtesy of Mediamodifier on Pixabay

It’s time to let go of expectations. I have found that when you expect certain outcomes, it leaves you stuck on a path with no new opportunities. It boxes you in because you’re not open to receiving anything new.

Not to mention that carrying around expectations is a burden. It’s like moving with a bunch of stuff that you don’t need. Yet you bring it with you “just in case” you need it. This creates a blockage as you’ve essentially closed the door to anything else.

What you want to do is be free to have whatever outcome is best for you to appear. You have to factor in that the Universe knows what’s best for you. You have to believe that something you haven’t thought of yet that could make you blissfully happy is possible.

The only way to release from an expectation is to ask for that or something better. By adding in that one phrase of “or something better“, you’ve now told the Universe that you’re ready for something more.

Believe that you deserve more. Set your intentions to be happy and make choices that bring you joy knowing that your life will unfold as it needs to.

You don’t need to see into your future and you certainly don’t need to try to control it either. If you live in the now moment then you’ll know what makes you happy now. This will lead to more opportunities later since your life is always in a natural flow pattern. That is unless you have certain expectations to block it.

Remember, expectations of certain outcomes will leave you stuck and likely wondering why nothing else is happening. Let it go by asking for “something better” so that you can be certain to receive what’s truly in line with your joy.

When a new idea suddenly pops into your head, you’ll be overjoyed because it was something you likely hadn’t thought of yet. It will feel perfect for you and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it sooner. So stay open to any and all outcomes as there is no place for expectations in the New Earth because “anything” truly is possible.

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