Two things coming up as we move forward

Photo courtesy of Skeeze on Pixabay

First, I was reminded the other morning that you must be careful when moving forward. When you are in what I call the “321 blast off” mode, there is a chance that you could crash if you try to move too quickly.

When you are in the flow and things are moving forward with ease, you can have a tendency to want to keep going. However, you are often forced to stop because you must do things in stages. This is so that you are fully aligned with doing things that bring you joy.

When you have the moments where nothing appears to be happening (aka the space of nothingness), you can get restless. So be sure that what you’re doing is what you want instead of what others want for you.

It’s about taking action and then taking a breath to process it all. The Universe doesn’t want you to move too quickly because if you do you can crash. So go with the baby steps. At some point it will become a constant steady stream of abundance as you learn that you truly can create a life of joy.

Second, something I’ve learned a lot about over the last two months is who has been manipulating my energy. You see when someone uses your energy, they do so because they get something from you.

Often times you won’t notice it right away. But the second you start to wonder about someone’s motives or something about them comes into question…pay attention and don’t dismiss it. Your instincts are usually correct.

Once you become aware that something is amiss, you can make a choice to walk away from them. This is happening now as we release people that no longer serve our highest good.

In the new earth it’s about positive and loving connections. Those that have ulterior motives still have lessons to learn and will need new connections to learn them with. You simply cannot be weighed down any longer by these unhealthy connections.

What you’ll find is a huge relief when you pull your energy back as it helps you to regain your power. You’ll feel lighter almost instantly when you choose to walk away from them.

Energetic connections can come and go. The trick is to know when it’s time to let go and then allow the Universe to follow through with the disconnect…which involves you trusting in the process.

This year many are going through identity changes as well. This can show up in various ways…from your tastes changing to your color palette. Perhaps your favorite color has suddenly changed. More on this coming up.

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