Energy update 2-12-19

As someone that is sensitive to the energy, I tend to pick up on various aspects of it. This means that you may be effected by some or all of the symptoms or just one. You may not experience it right away or it can be up to a month later. It’s all based on how you assimilate the energies.

Having said that…this week there’s a few things going on energy wise…

Heads up…

Photo courtesy of Ryan McGuire

People are seriously venting right now. Some of it is theirs and some of it isn’t. While it’s good to get things off your chest especially if it’s been bothering you for a while…there’s a time and place and a more gracious way to do things.

Hold off on any confrontations if you can. I understand that this energy is literally forcing people forward. With that, any unresolved issues that lie within can come blazing out. So just be aware that this can happen.

Number signs

As part of the moving forward push you may see a lot of these numbers…222, 888, 1225, 321. All numbers of manifestations taking place, abundance & a general feeling of “Christmas”. 999 means completion. This happens in cycles but its happening more frequently.

Also pay attention to your dreams as they can reveal details you may not have otherwise picked up on. It may have something to do with you or someone around you… especially if they are trying to undermine you in some way.


Being that yesterday was the 11th, a master number, you’ll likely receive insights, new ideas or have an “aha” moment. The truth likes to surface on or around the 11th and 22nd of each month. So pay attention to whatever is showing up for you now and the days ahead.

What’s happening for you?

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