My response to the latest attempt to discredit Anthony William, Medical Medium

Photo courtesy of Rita E on Pixabay

I just read this article titled “Grift the Pain Away” by Kristen Martin in The Baffler on Anthony William, aka the Medical Medium.

The story was more or less about how Mr. William earns his living based on health related information he receives from spirit. Ms. Martin refers to his advice as “snake oil” because of one example…a 71 year old woman wasn’t sick then got sick after heeding his advice.

She also goes on to state that “William invents problems, so you’ll buy his solutions“. So that means his most recent article about Vitamin B12 deficiency is invented? Yet this is a common problem for so many people…myself included.

Here’s my thoughts…when someone like Mr. William comes along and proclaims he can help your body heal from illness…people take notice. Why? Because the healthcare system in America is broken and people aren’t getting the answers they need. This much we agree on.

Having said that, the information he offers is a tool to help you on your journey…think celery juice. Just like astrology, pulling a daily tarot card or reading your horoscope is.

You take that information and decide how to incorporate it into your life. The problem lies with how much power you give away to one cause. If you think celery juice alone is going to cure all that ails you… you’re sadly mistaken. But it is a stepping stone to better health.

In the bigger picture of it all that’s what Mr. William promotes…better health. When you step away from processed foods and enjoy whole foods with plenty of greens, fruits and veggies etc. as your main ingredients…you’ll notice a big improvement in your health. He knows it, spirit knows it, Hippocrates knew it, I know it and many others know it.

What you eat directly effects your health. I learned this first hand. And yes, I incorporated some of his knowledge at first and had great success but felt that some of it simply did not apply to me. But I’ve also learned to listen to my body, known as intuitive eating, and my guides in order to give it the nutrients that it needs. This is always a work in progress.

The point is…there are always going to be people that are simply not yet open to the fact that spirit communicates with us to deliver various messages. It’s part of our journey and our mission. Many great ideas pop into minds everyday…and they are from spirit.

Mr. William, whether you believe in what he does or not, is essentially promoting a healthy way of eating…guided by spirit. He’s showing you how good real food is and it’s healing potentials. You don’t need to be an MD or have a science backed study to figure that out. Anyone that says it’s hogwash just isn’t willing to embrace a healthy diet yet…and that’s ok.

Life is a journey and you get to decide how it turns out. Therefore it is up to you to find out what works for you which includes finding a balance.

If something doesn’t work, remove it or add to it…don’t point the finger at someone else. Take responsibility for your life, your choices and your actions….and ultimately the food you put into your mouth.

Try eating healthy foods that you’re drawn to. Practice listening to your own instincts. Because in the end, you are responsible for your choices. No one is handcuffing you to a chair and forcing a dietary change upon you.

No one is going to coerce you into drinking celery juice or buying any one of his books either. But if you want to be healthy you need to start making healthy choices…and it all starts with you. If Mr. William helps you with those choices, then he’s done the job he came here to do.

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