Energy update – own your power

Something coming up right now, at least for me, is illness. When I get sick I can usually cut it off at the pass but this time it’s lingered. I’ve thrown every natural remedy I know of at it and it’s persisted.

This tells me that rest was in order, that I needed to move more slowly right now since things were moving so quickly before. And if you’re not paying attention the Universe can and will take you out just so you can rest.

My sense is that many of you are trying to push further without allowing the opportunities to find you. Since we are heading into the new earth, you simply can’t live like that anymore. You must allow the natural flow to happen or else you stand to be sidelined.

So when you feel as though you’re fighting an uphill battle, stop and check in with yourself. Find out what you’re trying to force to happen and step back from it. Remember to try something different because we are also looking at some triggers this month.

Triggers or old storylines….things that make you act in a certain way based on fear. Don’t react to what’s coming up. See it for what it is and allow it to move on. Simply walk away from what no longer serves you. Don’t allow it to have any further power over you…be done with it.

That’s what we’re doing right now which is why it can feel like a test. It can also feel as though you’re being stopped from moving forward. Know that it’s only temporary. Stay in the flow of now, rest when you need to and you’ll own your power instead of giving it away.

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