Update to “my latest signs”

Photo courtesy of Rob Laughter at UnSplash

On January 3rd, I started writing about signs I’d been receiving from the Universe. As a recap, it all started with me seeing New York everywhere.

Then on January 13th I picked up on a Kennedy connection. A few days later on January 18th, I tied it to JFK, Jr. And I thought it may have stopped there since I had received no further information. Until this morning…

This morning I woke from a dream with more information. It all began in what appeared to be a parking garage which can indicate the hidden nature of it all.

This unidentifiable woman was holding a New York license plate in her hand but she was acting very suspicious. So much so that she drew the attention of security.

As I watched the scene unfold, she seemed to be telling a story that didn’t fit what was truly going on.

She had claimed that she got married to a man and even showed us this area that was all set up and filled with items from a wedding… memorabilia and trinkets.

But as I looked around I felt that it was staged…it was all set up to look like she got married but she wasn’t careful enough because the display was all about her. There was maybe two or three items on the top shelf that showed a man’s presence…which I knew right away it was made to look like something that it wasn’t.

The takeaway…NY, the Kennedy’s, JFK Jr., and now a false stage…or something was setup to look a certain way. The truth is coming out one way or the other.

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