January 31st – a push forward to the New Earth

On January 31st the Universe is set to give everyone a massive push forward. And it’s going to happen all at once whereas before it came in waves. This is a biggie and it will be felt by all in some way.

While the eclipse energy has kept mostly everyone in a bit of a standstill, you’re finally being released from it. Now you are ready to take your next steps to achieve your new goals. You’ll begin to receive guidance once again to help you transition into your new earth roles.

What this means is this…

Over the coming days, weeks and months you’ll notice that if you’ve had new ideas that you’ve been slowly trying to implement, you will now get assistance to proceed.

If you’ve had ideas that you have no idea what to do with, you’ll now get new ideas to advance that project(s) forward.

If you’ve been in a holding pattern, you’ll now be released.

If you’ve been trying to move from your current location with no luck, you’ll now find a new place to go.

If you’ve needed someone to partner up with for business purposes, you’ll likely find each other now.

If you’ve been wanting a new love in your life, you’ll likely bump into each other.

If you’ve been trying to get healthy, you’ll likely receive new information that can benefit you greatly.

The list is endless…

These things can all happen if you allow it to happen naturally instead of trying to force it to happen. Simply go about your day and allow the Universe to guide you. Are you waiting for your cues?

In retrospect, you’ll find this surge to also have a boomerang effect as it will also set the karmic wheel in motion. What does this mean?

It means that there are consequences for your actions. It means the justice card has been dealt.

Photo courtesy of rootport on Pixabay

It means that if you intentionally set out to hurt someone in some way, you’ll be on the receiving end of that now. When it happens you’ll be prompted back to the time where your actions created this whole scenario. You may not like what you see but it’s about your truth. You need to see all of it in order to heal from it.

Life always give you a choice…do you pick A or B? Do you just think solely about yourself or do you think about others as well?

Either way, karma is playing a huge factor now and it’ll show up rather quickly and unexpectedly. It’s time to learn, grow and heal the inner wounds for many during this transition.

So this surge forward means business…it’s go time. And the Universe is there to guide you every step of the way all you have to do is ask for what you need.

It can also feel like Christmas at times too. Perhaps you’ll wake up to a Christmas song playing in your head like I do. Or maybe you’ll feel like watching a holiday movie.

Christmas isn’t limited to December 25th…it can be everyday as the Universe has unlimited abundance and is willing to give freely if you’re open to receiving.

The coming months can feel magical and fated filled with synchronicities galore. All you need to do is take the courageous steps forward and you’ll be on your way.

Welcome to the makings of the new earth!

© 2019 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

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