Do you need to break up with your stuff?

Photo courtesy of Karsten Paulick on Pixabay

When you have furniture or other items in your home that have been passed down through the generations, you tend to carry all of it’s energy with you too. This can hold you back.

If Aunt Hilda left you her kitchen table and you love it and use it all the time, that’s one thing. But if that table makes you feel like you have to keep it because it was hers, then your energy is being drained by it because it serves no valuable purpose in your life.

Sometimes you receive items because you’re in need of them. Other times your family may downsize and you grab what you can…it’s free after all. Yet more often than not, some items come with a price.

Perhaps you got the “you can’t get rid of this under any circumstances because it belonged to…” speech. This in itself has become a burden because not only do you carry the energy from the item itself, you now carry the energy from the one that gave it to you…along with the guilt for wanting to get rid of it.

Sometimes you hang onto items for the “just in case” moments. You put it in a closet or a cabinet with the intention of using it…but you never really do. Then you reorganize your stuff only to say, “Oh I forgot I had this.” Sound familiar?

Take a look around your home…do you connect with any of your “stuff”? Take note of how it makes you feel. Are you happy, sad or completely disconnected from it?

Perhaps you don’t like how the chair feels and maybe it hurts your back every time you sit in it. Or maybe the couch is too hard or something doesn’t match your style or the new you.

Keeping items that you don’t resonate with or need, can keep you connected to the past. This can keep you stuck.

It’s ok to like antiques, just find ones that match your style and your tastes. If you have ones that need refinishing and you don’t have it in you to do it and you keep saying one day I’ll get to it…it’s time to let it go. It’s time for it to have a new home.

Now is the time for you to cleanse your energy. That means getting rid of and letting go of things that no longer have meaning or purpose in your life.

It’s time to break free of the past, which often means breaking up with your stuff. Because once you release from it, you’ll feel the energy lift. Then you’ll have plenty of room for the new to come into your life. And in the new earth, it’s all about connection and purpose.

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