Are you waiting for your “cues”?

Photo courtesy of Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

My guides are funny. Somewhere in December I recall hearing “it’s time“. Then I had confirmations galore confirming that it was indeed time…but for what.

That’s the question I asked. “What is it time for?” And I received no response. So I let it go. If I didn’t, I would sit and spin on it all day long. I’d end up making my own version of what that could mean.

Let’s face it…”it’s time” is very generic. But my guides know that I’m kind of past the point of caring about little tidbits like this until I see what it is it actually means.

And that’s the key…when you receive “inside” (or other) information that is vague at best, simply sit with it until you know what to do with that information.

Everyone has been trained to take some sort of action, to spin it into something it’s not…to overthink what it could possibly mean. Yet sometimes it’s just a heads up not meant to do anything with.

It’s like the signs I had been receiving about New York. I kept seeing it but didn’t know what it meant so I simply waited until I felt the inner push to do something. In this case, I placed the info on my blog.

A week or so later I posted once again as I received updated information. And shortly after that I had more insight and posted again. I literally had no idea what I was getting into or where it was heading until all the pieces of the puzzle started to come out.

The point of all of this is that sometimes you need more information before you know what to do with the information you already have. Sometimes you need to just wait and see what the next step is.

This is how it is in the new earth…you wait until you are prompted to do something. No more trying to push doors open that are closed. No more overthinking because you don’t have all the facts. No more swirling endless thoughts around your head because you don’t know or can’t see the outcome. No more being afraid of the unknown.

The new earth is about trusting that you’ll know exactly what to do and when. You’ll say what you need to say at precisely the right moment. You’ll know when you know. It’s about knowing that timing is everything…because it is.

So when you are on the receiving end of information that you have no clue what to do with…simply wait and see what happens. Wait for your cue from the Universe.

Stop living a life that has you constantly doing and start living a life from your inner knowing. When you change this one thing up, you’ll see that what you know has a much bigger picture cause and effect. And because of that, you’ll see why it’s important to wait for your “cues”.

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