Big changes coming

January 31st is a date that I keep seeing. I feel like on or around that date that we will all get a huge push forward, courtesy of the universe, to take action in our lives.

With this comes high anxiety. Mostly because you’re likely afraid of the unknown and what others will think of you. The only thing that matters is that you follow what feels right and natural to you.

At this moment we are seeing the change trickle in… February will see us take the bigger steps forward. We are all being guided…are you listening?

Also there are major changes just lurking below the surface. These are pretty epic…I’m talking identity changes along with sudden moves, new connections, etc.

Perhaps what you’re seeing is radically different than where you are now but you know it’s your truth. You know it’s what your next step is. Don’t fear it…just go with the natural flow.

February will be a month of action. Just remember what our theme for the year is…”try something different“…and go from there.

February is also a month known for love…only this time it’s about loving yourself…doing what’s best for you first. Because once you’re happy in your own life, you’ll draw in others who are happy in theirs.

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