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One of the interesting things coming up right now…besides the fact that forward momentum has halted temporarily…is that we need this down time to plan for what’s ahead in February.

The new things coming in are coming in rather quickly. But as you’ve seen with your preview this week is that some preparations are needed.

For some, it may be that you’re waiting on an ok for something…perhaps a move or the call saying that you got that job you applied for. Or maybe you’ve got to get rid of some things or perhaps redecorate first.

Waiting is not fun but it’s necessary at this time. We also have to wait for the eclipse energies to process. Any time we are within three days (on either side) of any moon activity is usually when the energy is the most potent. So the three days before and the three days after are the strongest. But afterwards, we are then able to process and assimilate what we’ve learned.

Don’t worry, it’ll be all systems go soon enough as many have already put their intentions into motion. Remember that you hold the keys to your future. Simply enjoy the rest and do something that makes you laugh.

We are in a time where things can and do change rapidly. Keep in mind that our theme for this year is to “try something different“. Don’t do what you always do…go for the unknown and see where it takes you. Fear is the only thing holding you back.

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