Energy update for 1-16-19

This has been a tough week to get anything accomplished. I find in the morning I’m ready to get things done and by noon I’m procrastinating and not interested.

This is likely due to the massive healings taking place right now which are also creating a very new perspective. It’s kind of creating a new you…and opening up new potentials and opportunities.

It’s also what I mentioned earlier…the doors that are opening probably are not what you thought or expected. But go through them anyways because there’s a reason. Don’t allow fear to get in your way.

I’ve learned that you can’t open a door that is bolted shut. You must learn to go with what’s given to you. Think of them as steps to get where you truly want to be.

The key to it all is to learn to keep an open mind and don’t attach expectations to the outcome. This is how you go with the natural flow.

Having said that, we are just days away from the full lunar eclipse and full moon. So what you’re seeing now is the preview to what the eclipse is changing for you.

Once the eclipse arrives, it’ll be all systems go. There will be nothing holding you back. And in the coming days, weeks and months you can expect to implement these changes.

So try not to get overwhelmed with what’s going on. Yes, it can be vastly different than the life you have led thus far. But it’s who you are deep down…it’s the beginning of who you came here to be. Which naturally sets you up for even more opportunities.

So hang in there ‘cuz we’re just getting started.

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