Update to “my latest signs”

On January 3rd I posted “My latest signs“. In my post I stated that I have been seeing a location knowing that it means something but not knowing much of anything else.

On Friday, January 11th, 2019 I was out at a flea market and came across two articles that jumped right out at me. I immediately had the feeling that it’s connected to the reason why I keep seeing New York everywhere.

Here’s the first…

And here’s the second…

Oddly, the magazine has a New York address on it. But I literally saw one right after the other.

This is like trying to solve a puzzle yet I have to wait for the clues to show themselves. But now we know the signs from New York have a Kennedy connection. Beyond that I have no other ideas at this time.

A little FYI here …I have never encountered this before but I’m trying to keep an open mind. Clearly my spirit team wants me to know something is happening. It sure would be nice to know what exactly. But like you I wait for my clues.

I will continue to post updates here as I receive them. Stay tuned…

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