“Seeds” of change

Photo courtesy of Joshua Lanzarini

Lately I have been receiving “seeds” both in real time…Halo oranges and in my dreams. The other night I was in line waiting and when I got to the table I was handed the final seed. They had no more to give out at this time.

Seeds represent new ideas, thoughts and perspectives. They represent new beginnings. But it’s what you do with that seed is what matters.

Like most seeds you’ll need to plant it, nurture it, feed it, give it water and plenty of sunlight. You need to make sure that it’s environment is conducive to allowing that seed to grow.

Seeds are confirmations that you are on a new journey and it’s time to move forward. It’s time to plant them and see where it takes you.

The Universe has given you the seeds and now it’s entirely up to you to take care of them. But keep in mind that when you need guidance or assistance along the way, always remember to ask for help. Your guides, angels and the Universe all wait for you to invite them in.

Sometimes you get a seed that you don’t know what to do with. It could be a really great idea but you may not know how to bring it to fruition. Simply write it down in a journal and wait for more information to come your way.

I’ve had this happen. I received a great idea but it’s a little beyond my expertise at the moment. I wrote the idea down and waited to be guided to more information as I was honest with myself and the universe knowing I had no idea how to implement it.

Shortly thereafter I was guided to read an article and in it was a tool that could help me proceed with the idea. So don’t be alarmed if you receive an idea that appears out of reach. You’ll know the steps to take as you move forward. Just getting excited about the idea is the first step…writing it down is the next.

The seeds you are receiving are harbingers of change. They have been given to you because you asked for them. You wanted change and now you’ve got it. The question is…how will you handle it? Will you take those seeds and give them life? Or will you let them go to the wayside? The choice is always yours to make. But don’t allow your fear of the unknown or the fear of being unqualified to carry it through stop you.

You were specifically chosen to receive these seeds. As such, you are more than qualified to see them through. Simply trust that you will know exactly what to do with them when the time is right. Know that some seeds need additional time to grow as you learn about your hidden talents.

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