Eclipse season has begun

The theme for this eclipse is “nobody’s fool”. This theme comes from this song rolling around in my head. Wow would you look at that hair! Lol! Thank you Cinderella* for this motivational song.

“Nobody’s fool” is more about breaking free, speaking up, getting out of the shadows, not putting up with toxic people, places or things and just being true to you. It’s an inner push to get real.

Beyond that…if you’ve been sitting on a truth wondering what to do with it, you’ll likely just spill the beans with courage to take action. So shakeups, shakedowns, breakups and breakdowns can be seen now and in the coming weeks.

You’ll finally get the courage to break free, speak your truth or take a step in a new direction. It’s quite liberating.

The fact is, you’ve likely been planning this on an inner level anyways. No matter what happens here, you’ll feel relieved in some way like a huge weight has been lifted. It’ll give new meaning to “the truth will set you free”.

However, not everyone will see it that way. Some will take things personally and harbor resentment, possibly hold a grudge and be unforgiving. That’s okay. Simply allow those to feel what they are feeling. They’ll come around eventually.

A little fun fact here…I got on the scale this morning and it read one weight. I tried it again and 4 pounds just disappeared. I stepped on it about eight more times after that with the same result. So things can just “happen” as if by magic…so keep that in mind as well.

From an energy standpoint…do you recall that old expression “the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife“? This is precisely when you’re connecting with the energy in a room…good, bad or indifferent. Perhaps there’s that moment when you meet someone and feel an instant connection. This is also about both of your energies connecting to each other.

In 2019, you can expect to feel the energies around you more deeply…like when you step into a room or connect with someone. Your next chance will be on or about January 11th when we have our next energy download.

All of this and we’ve only just begun the year.

© 2019 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

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*Cinderella – Nobody’s Fool via @YouTube

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