My latest signs

So this might sound a little nutty but lately I’ve been seeing certain license plates… repeatedly. Yet I have no idea what it means other than something is going on or will go on that involves that state or someone from that state.

For instance, over the summer I started seeing Texas license plates everywhere I went. Then when the news of George H.W. Bush’s passing broke, I no longer saw it.

For months, I’ve been seeing a steady flow of New York plates. Not only that but everywhere I turn the ole NY is staring at me rather oddly. It was on a coffee mug I looked at in a Goodwill store. And just this morning a lady at the laundromat was talking about her trip to New York City. I’m literally inundated with signs for New York.

I don’t know what, who, when, why or how but I suspect that it’ll be big news with ties to New York state. If I get any clues in the meantime, I’ll update them here.

I wish I had more details but for now…it’s all I’ve got. Stay tuned…any thoughts???

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