High anxiety

All of my energy updates are solely based on my own observations. It could be based on what I’m going through, what I see and feel that others are going through or a combination….coupled with added insight from my spirit team as well.

Over the last couple of months there has been some pressure on you to change something. Now whatever is not in alignment with you is desperately trying to push its way out. So the pressure is real as is the need to do something about it.

But when you feel like you can’t change the circumstances it can feel overwhelming. This is causing high anxiety. Not to mention that we are in eclipse energy right now which has the potential to turn things around in the weeks ahead.

This is a good time to practice grounding and centering yourself. Try breathing techniques…something I must remind myself to do because I tend to hold my breath when things get rough.

So hang in there! 2019 will usher in the change that you need…we just need the assistance of the eclipses to help bring in new opportunities and some new energy.

As always, I will be updating on the energies as we go along either through my energy updates on this site, Twitter or Facebook.

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