Energy update

It appears that we had back to back energy downloads once again but that occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, the effects weren’t truly felt until yesterday…three days later. You’ll notice the number three pops up for me a lot.

What I saw was this…

People that are involved in karmic relationships got stirred up big time. The whole core reason for them being together in the first place was “shuffled”. Meaning the reason that those karmic cords are in place began to show itself. This left (or will leave) many in disagreements, arguments and angry.

For those new to karma, it’s simply an agreement where people come together in this life to fix some issue from a previous life. The contract stays in place until the lesson has been learned.

The people that got “shuffled” or got their feathers ruffled needed a push in that department. That means it was time for them to begin to see the reasons why they are together so that healing can finally take place.

Of course it doesn’t necessarily happen just like that. You likely can’t see the actual reason for the karma just yet. But in the coming days, weeks and months you will. Also in the new earth, there is no karma…you can’t take it with you so it needs to be resolved beforehand.

Next up was people having a difficult time with closure of all kinds. Something that has changed, perhaps your childhood home is up for sale and you’re having a hard time dealing with that. Perhaps you or someone you know moved in the last few months and now you’re seeing it’s effects. The list is endless.

People are now finding themselves at wits end. However, I also see you asking your loved ones in spirit for help. That’s good because now you’re asking for guidance and assistance. Now you’re opening up to other options. This is how you begin to heal.

Regardless of what’s happening for you at this time, know that it’s all part of a much bigger plan designed to strip you of your fears and illusions so that you can live in your full truth. Because in the new earth, that’s the only way you can live.

© 2018 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

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