Confirmation for next download

Boy have I received confirmation of what’s happening in our next download. I was out shopping yesterday and someone was looking for something. He asked an associate for help finding it and saw where it was. He said, “I had to go deep in order to find it “.

Also, I was looking for something, same store, and I had to ask if it was in stock. They found it but needed a ladder to get to it because there was plenty on the top shelf.

Are you ready to go deep into your core? Because it’s time to break free of what holds you back. But don’t forget to ask your guides for guidance, especially if it feels challenging. Better yet, ask your guides to assist you now in making the transition so that you can easily see what your next step is.

Stay tuned…it’s going to be very interesting the next few days. I would love to hear what’s happening on your end.

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