Next energy download due 12/22/18

The transition continues this week as we head into the winter solstice on Friday and a full moon in Cancer on Saturday.

Normally winter has been about hibernating until the spring but we are anything but traditional at this point…unless of course you’re a bear 🐻.

You can expect the “oh whoa is me” mantra popping up as we head into our next download on the 22nd clashing with the full moon in Cancer… representing a sea of emotions and feelings. This is a biggie though…but then again aren’t they all?

Well this one has the power to pull you out of your humdrums but you may experience the downward spiral first. This is getting to a core issue that has held you back for eons. Get ready to go deep.

Having said that, you may also feel that you’re really done with everything or something… depending on how this effects you. Which is nothing new. But this time, something is going to click into place that finally sets you free of this core issue once and for all.

When it does, you will feel ready to conquer the world with your newly acquired freedom from the past. It’s literally breathtaking as it delivers a new sense of life within you. It’s time to spread your wings and fly…or if you’re a bear it’s time to cruise the land.

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