Energy update 12-15 and theme for 2019

On both December 11th and 12th we had back to back energy downloads which created a seismic shift in consciousness and awareness. This has created quite a sense of upheaval in the last few days.

I’ve noticed that not only is the energy stirred up, it’s created some crazy changes. Perhaps what you’ve counted on in the past now isn’t available or it’s been delayed in some way making you think about alternatives.

This energy has also been prone to causing injuries and illness as well. Some people have had more than one in the last few days.

Regardless of what’s going on, this is surface stuff because the energy pot has been stirred in such a way that awakens so many all at once. This is just the natural output from it all. But it sure came out swinging this time didn’t it? Yikes!

Anyways, this is about bringing light in from the Universe and grounding it to the earth. This light shines on the darkness within and out. Only this time, it’s forcing you to adapt and make adjustments or changes. It’s getting you to open up to new possibilities.

Also, creativity is at an all time high right now so grab it while you can. What you’re likely finding is some undiscovered or hidden talent coming to the surface.

We are in a massive energetic period. This will continue for at least the remainder of the month. I expect another energy download around the 22nd.

Having said that, the new year is coming up quickly. The theme for 2019 is going to be “try something different”. This means, don’t do what you always do…try a different option…make a new choice.

In the new earth, life is all about doing what makes you happy and brings you joy. It’s about doing things that you love and that make your heart sing. Now ask yourself when faced with a situation…Does this make me happy? If yes, keep going. If no, try something different. Learn to feel your way through in order to find the answers.

The road to 2019 and beyond is about living in your truth…being who you came here to be, even if it’s one step and energy download at a time.

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