Energy downloads

A surefire sign that the energy is moving forward is when you wake up feeling ready to get things done. You hop right out of bed ready to go.

You see after we have an energy download, meaning we take in light from the universe, we have to ground it through our human vessels to the earth.

This can cause various ailments including fatigue, loss of energy, a feeling of not wanting to do anything and more. It can feel like a complete or partial disconnect depending on how you absorb the energy.

Those new to the energy downloads often suffer for longer periods of time because you’re simply not used to grounding so much energy all at once.

Those that have been at this for years or decades can cycle through it much quicker recognizing what’s going on. That’s why it’s so important that when you get a sign to rest…you rest.

The effects from the energy shifts can vary from person to person. Know that when the download hits you’ll likely be thrown off your game. Expect to be sidelined… temporarily. Then you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the pavement running.

Typically the cycle is a few days to a week. It really depends on what stage you are in when it comes to processing the light. But if you’re paying attention you’ll notice a pattern as these downloads are happening more frequently now.

Once you’ve gotten past the fatigue and downside of the shift, the upside is glorious. It’s like you’re a brand new person. You may feel like rearranging furniture, getting rid of personal items and cleaning.

Feeling as though you just want to simplify your life is a trait of the new earth. Going forward, having too much “stuff” on any level can become a burden. That’s why it’s necessary to purge your thoughts, ideas, fears and physical items.

Going forward all you need are things that are good for your energy…not because you feel guilty because it belonged to a long ago family member. If you don’t resonate with it simply get rid of it.

There is no need for excess in the new earth. And if you do need something, the universe will provide it for you through a thought, idea, person, place, etc.

Having said that, time is moving ever so quickly now. You may find yourself jumping ahead a few steps, then having a pause. You may find things change on a moment’s notice. You may find what you thought you wanted you no longer want.

These energy downloads are also there to strip away your illusions. They are there to expose your truth…the real you…the one you hide from the world. Because when all is said and done, you are here to fulfill your purpose. You can’t see your purpose when it’s hidden behind a false mask.

With each passing energy download, you will learn to be who you came here to be knowing that the rest simply works itself out.

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