A sign to rest

When you see a squirrel resting, this is a sign that YOU need to rest. It’s likely that you’ve been ignoring your body’s cues for down time so mother nature decided to intervene in the message.

Signs are everywhere. When you start feeling upset, angry or irritable…that’s a sign to take a break and rest. When you’ve been moving forward nonstop for a while, it’s time to kick back for a bit and look at what you’ve accomplished and where you’re headed.

Resting often comes with a stigma attached to it…as does taking a nap. Both of these things have been frowned upon in the past…courtesy of generational and societal conditioning. It’s been seen as being lazy and it’s been called unproductive.

Yet when you’re tired on some or all levels, you’ll burn out if you don’t rest. The energy downloads that are happening weekly if not more, are doing just that. They can short circuit you if you don’t rest in between. Resting helps to process and ground your energy so that this doesn’t happen.

Even if you don’t “feel” tired, there’s a reason that you need to simply stop and take some time for yourself. You need to say no to things and make yourself a priority.

This is an important message because as we head into the new earth, you’ll need to recognize that it’s not an “all work and no play” mentality anymore. It’s a “rest when needed” time because it’s necessary for your growth and your journey. And it’s more productive that way.

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