Effects from the energy shifts

When we go through these energy shifts, you may suddenly feel very confused. You’ll likely go through a period where you question everything…especially, who you are.

You’ll begin to ask if what you’re doing is right. You’ll question your purpose and you’ll wonder what is real. You may want to throw in the towel. Perhaps you have a range of emotions.* It can feel like you are being divided into two. This is as it should be.

This is caused by the light energy being downloaded to you. As your body takes on more light, it drudges up the dark. In doing so, you get to see some of your fears first hand. And that’s what makes you question everything.

Not to mention that the ego mind likes to be in control. When it’s not, it thinks it’s protecting you by attempting to keep you in your comfort zone. This is why you may feel divided or as if you have two paths. You may also feel like a choice needs to be made.

Recognize that this is the result of your body taking on more light through an energy download. Lately it’s been happening a lot. But you must remember that the intensity of it all will pass and you’ll see clearly in a matter of days.

Why are you going through this? Because you agreed to be here for this transition of earth and humanity. You agreed, before you arrived here, that you’d be part of this fight which many now call a spiritual and energetic war. You agreed to hold light for this planet in whatever way your true purpose needs you to.

You may not remember your agreement with the universe but you are here now making great strides to bring peace to all. And that is all that matters.

Keep going on your quest to find your truth. Know that you are working in tandem with the universe to help shift the planet and it’s inhabitants from the darkness into the light. For that is your job at this time.

Shifts will come and go and you’ll be wiser and more knowledgeable with each one. For shifts reveal truths for you, those around you and out in the world. And as each one learns their truth, their inner light gets brighter which magnifies the light on the earth.

The darkness was never meant to stay hidden. As the truth gets exposed because of the light shining on it, humanity shifts and then there’s more light available. This is a continuous cycle that will keep going until the earth is at peace.

While we understand that this is no easy task, we see how far you’ve come. We see the progress that you have made.

You are not who you were a month ago, a year ago or even yesterday. You should be proud of who you are because you are an important piece in a much bigger puzzle. And we thank you very much for your brave participation in this massive undertaking. The results are remarkable.

© 2018 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

Please feel free to share this content with others if you feel guided to do so. All that is asked is that the article remains fully intact with the author’s name and has a direct link back to the original post on lucirusso.com.

*If your symptoms persist, please seek treatment with a qualified professional. This is by no means meant to treat or diagnose a person in any way. Information provided here is for entertainment purposes only.

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