Can customer service make or break companies?

One thing I have learned when dealing with customer service centers is…if I don’t like their answers then I always go above their heads. Because if I’m having issues, I’m sure others are too.

Recently I dealt with a state agency who’s phone number was always busy. When I finally got through, I got someone who didn’t give me the answer that I was looking for. In this case, it’s about a refund that I’m owed. So I took it to my State Representative and will let them deal with it.

Sadly, we now live in a time where customer service is usually anything but service…it’s a hassle. Long gone are the days of “the customer is always right“, even if they weren’t.

I can recall managers going above and beyond making sure that the customer left happy and satisfied. After all, a happy customer meant repeat business not only from them but from people that they know. Because you know darn well that people talk which can either make or break your business.

Nowadays, customer service is about squeezing as much money out of you as possible as they constantly try to up-sell you. It’s on the rare occasion that you contact customer service and get someone who’s sympathetic or compassionate to your needs.

It’s also all about the quota. Call center representatives are taught to read from scripts and to get people quickly off of the phone. Often times if you ask to speak to their manager they’ll tell you that they’ll just say the same thing, they’re busy or they are the manager. None of which is ever true.

The reality is that companies have gone from a service oriented regimen to an all about the profits and bottom line stance. People no longer matter in the grand scheme of things and this is and will be the undoing of many companies in the future.

At some point, you will begin to see this shift as consumers get fed up with being a number or a statistic. No one wants to deal with automated service centers. People want to speak to an actual person that can truly listen to them and meet their needs on the first call, not the tenth…but these days it’s a rarity.

The moral of the story is to never settle for less. Sure, I could’ve waited another 15 business days to see if my refund shows up or not but I don’t play those games. I like to get things done.

Learn to travel by your own set of rules. If you’re not getting a response that you like or need, then go up the chain of command. Take action. Check out the Better Business Bureau to find out who the head honcho is. Or utilize your elected officials because that’s what they’re there for.

Don’t forget, if you’ve had a horrible experience with a company, speak up. Tell all of your friends. Put it on social media and take your business elsewhere. Because in the end, the only companies that will succeed and survive will be the ones that truly care about their customers instead of the bottom line.

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