After the 11-11 portal

Phew!!! The 11-11 energy portal or doorway, which is all part of the shift taking place, was super potent! It literally threw people into resistance…myself included. Meaning you may have suddenly felt like you didn’t know which end was up. It also felt as though the dreams you were working on suddenly didn’t feel possible.

When this happens you resist…you shut down and cut off from moving forward because you don’t believe in what you’re doing or what you’re trying to achieve. It just doesn’t feel good and it makes anger come out because you feel stuck.

That’s what happens during an awakening…people suddenly feel stuck. They don’t believe in anything anymore because they’ve just seen the truth of their reality.

This in turn stops the universal flow of energy thereby blocking any opportunities. And anyone that is sensitive to energy feels this on a much grander scale.

It can feel like yours when in fact you’ve picked up on those who it has effected. And because this shift is effecting so many people all at once, think waves, it almost ends up becoming an energy takeover in the atmosphere…especially for those who can feel and sense energy.

Today I can finally feel the intensity subside and the energy is starting to re-balance itself. It’s like clarity hits and you’re back on track. Again, this has to do with the collective shift that just passed through the awakening portal.

So if you’ve felt angry over the last couple of days, this would be why. Know that no matter how many portals or shifts that occur, the intensity always passes. We are now on the other side of this particular shift.

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