Moving forward – choice point

This morning I accidentally hit the cruise control switch in my car and the car accelerated forward rather rapidly. This is a sign and a confirmation that things are moving very quickly.

Also, with all of the shifting taking place people are at a choice point. Do you choose the light or the dark? 3D or 4D? 4D or 5D? What are the dimensions anyways?

This is actually more of a subconscious choice and this highly depends on what a person is here to learn. So they may choose to stay in a karmic state in order to repeat the lesson or continue with their present cycle.

There is no wrong or right choice. A choice that is made is right for you in that very moment. But in the next moment you are free to make another choice. It’s called “free will”.

For those that are already in the light the choice is simple because you can’t go back. Those in the dark see their cushy illusionary world as being a safe zone.

Not everyone will transition to the light and that’s how it needs to be. Not everyone is here for Ascension purposes… meaning not everyone is here to hold light for the planet or to upgrade the energy to higher frequencies.

But a good number of people are and we’ll start to see more and more people living their truths, which ultimately shifts the paradigm on the planet.

Regardless, choices are being made and they will be made based on what a person knows and believes. So let’s pray that everyone can see their options clearly. Because as we head into the new year, the divide between dimensions becomes more obvious with each passing day.

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