Changing of the guard

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A week ago I posted about the two main roles on the Ascension bridge. Here I touched upon the fact that the batons of the “keepers of the bridge” are being passed on to the next group from now until the end of the year.

Moments ago I was made aware that because of the massive shifting happening this week, there is now a “changing of the guards”. This applies to both spirit guides and earthly missions.

This means that people’s roles are changing and you may start to notice things happening rather quickly now. You’ll likely see shifts in areas that you were previously stuck in as things will finally break free.

For instance, you could suddenly decide that it’s time to move out of state or to a new country because you’ve likely noticed, or will notice, that where you are doesn’t resonate with your values and beliefs anymore. It means that your energy and your source of light is no longer required where you are.

The same will hold true for career changes, going back to school, starting a new business, etc.

Relationships will also change as your energetic frequency shifts causing not only breakups but it will also allow you to attract a new energetic partner. One that will support you going forward.

And that’s really the key in all of this. You are being energetically realigned so that you can be with people who are like minded…meaning their energy will support yours as will the location. You are being placed with your energetic families which means things will move quickly.

This also means that anyone under old contracts or source contracts… ahem those that have been stuck…have now been released. The next group of souls are ready to take your place so that everyone can move forward at this time.

When changes like this happen, your spirit guides will also shift to the next group to better serve your needs. It’s a Universal change and all is happening exactly as it should.

You just couldn’t ask for a better holiday gift this year. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, there is a lot to be grateful for. So be on the lookout because the “changing of the guards” is now upon us.

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