Animals in dreams

As I’ve mentioned previously, pay attention to your dreams as much can be revealed. But also take notice of any animals that show up because they are significant. They can be an important message from spirit.

You’ll want to ask yourself some questions so it’s important what you remember around it. Look at all of the details.

For instance, if you dream of a snake…how did you react in your dream? Were you afraid of it? Did it bite you or was it just slithering through the grass? What color was it? Was it doing anything special? Where was it? Did it hiss at you…etc.

I actually had this dream last night in fact. All I saw was a gray snake in the green grass. Sometimes when you dream about snakes it has to do with sex, intimacy or Kundalini. But this was about someone around me who is likely not to be trusted.

I’ve actually seen this during my awake time too but because the weather is colder it’s highly unlikely I’d see one at this time of year…but you never know.

When the Universe wants you to know something, they will send you signs in both awake and dream time. When you’re not likely to encounter the animal where you live (like a tiger 🐅 etc.), it’ll show up in dream time.

It’s important to try to remember the details so you can decipher it later on. This is why it’s handy to keep a notebook next to your bed because as the day go on the details will start to fade.

Animals in your dreams are just as significant as repetitious animals during your awake time. There is meaning and valuable information to be had.

By remembering the details of the dream, including your feelings, it’ll help you sort out why it has appeared for you at this time.

Knowledge is power and animals in dreams are powerful messengers so be sure to pay attention when they show up because the insight that they provide is truly valuable to your journey.

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