Two main roles on the ascension bridge

Photo by Nick Randle on Unsplash

Perhaps you have heard of the bridge as it relates to Ascension. It’s third dimension or 3D, to fourth dimension or 4D, to fifth dimension or 5D. Briefly, the dimensions are as follows:

  • 3D is where the ego is in control. Known as “old earth”.
  • 4D is where the spiritual awakening has happened and learning has begun. Known as the “waiting room or transition area”.
  • 5D is where love completely resides because the heart is in control. Known as “new earth“.

During September to December 2017 there was a massive awakening that occurred on the planet and many souls moved from 3D to 4D. This actually put them on what some call the “bridge to enlightenment”.

Once a soul is awakened they are ready to advance on their spiritual journey. They begin to see truths in their lives where illusions were previously. Here there are plenty of already awakened souls ready to guide them to where they need to go.

Having said that there are two main roles on the bridge that a person may take on and not be aware of at first. They are as follows:

  1. Gate keeper – is someone who holds the gates open so that others can climb aboard the bridge. Their job is to assist those getting onto the bridge. They carry a high degree of light within them so that they can easily be seen by those looking to get onto the bridge. Much like a lighthouse on the beach in the fog directing and guiding the boats in.
  2. Bridge keeper – is someone who resides on the bridge and assists those who have made it past the gates and helps people get off the bridge. They also hold a high degree of light within them as they’ve already made their journey past the gates long ago. These people are actually of 5D but they agreed with the Universe to assist those moving from 4D to 5D.

Both positions are under what’s called “source contract” until all those that they agreed to help have made it past the gates and either onto or off of the bridge. This means that they cannot advance to phase two of their own journeys until this part of their mission is completed.

From September 23, 2018, the equinox, until December 31, 2018 there is another massive push from the Universe to get a good number of people off the 4D bridge and into 5D. This is so that they can all get started on phase two of their missions.

You see 5D is about living your life from a place of love. It’s about doing what you came here to do, your true purpose. This is what brings you joy and gives you passion. It’s about following your heart and your truth. It’s also about being energetically aligned.

As this group moves off the bridge, the roles of the gate keepers and bridge keepers will shift and get passed on to the next group of souls who have contracted into these positions.

So last year’s gate keepers are now this years bridge keepers. The bridge keepers are now pushing people off the bridge systematically and will begin to take on their new roles in January 2019.

So if you’re feeling this massive push to make changes in your life or have felt stuck or blocked for quite some time, this would be the reason why.

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