Keep an open mind over the coming days and weeks. Let go of any expectations around outcomes as the approaching shift is a bit of a game changer. All things are possible.

Also know that Mercury is going Retrograde on the 16th. We are getting a chance to take a deeper look at some options coming up for us because of the approaching shift. This is linked to something you thought about or attempted to do in the March-June 2016 timeframe.

These options can be pretty dramatic if you’ve tossed the ideas aside previously. Perhaps you’ve been toying with a major change and now you’ll have a chance to get a better look at that.

You’ll likely be gathering information over the coming weeks to see if it’s something that’s actually doable for you. All in preparation for 2019-2020.

While you may or may not actually make a decision this month, it’s good to know that you’ve got options. Now you can see what best meets your needs especially as it relates to your goals as the possibilities are endless.

Lots of changes happening as people get shown how their lives can expand in new directions if you let go of the fear that surrounds it.

But the choice is always yours to make. The Universe is simply showing you things that can enhance your life so that you can be happy.

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