Approaching shift

My dreams often alert me to things that are about to take place. Just this morning, I dreamt that I was on a beach and a massive storm was about to hit. It was typically a warm place that was going to have snow and storm surge. I was told to head east because if I went north I’d drive right into it.

I went and secured my hotel room along with a few others. Many chose to ride out the storm. When I went back to the parking lot of my hotel, where the sun was shining, I ran into two groups of people…one in the middle of the parking lot where I was parked and one closest to the wooded area.

I had asked my group if they wanted to go hang out with the other group because I knew some people there and they flat out refused. They had no interest whatsoever in joining them.

Here’s how this translates into what you need to know…

First, a massive shift in consciousness is about to take place. I’m putting it about 3 days from now…on Monday the 5th. Perfect timing for the election right? The Universe knows what it’s doing.

Second, people that are not part of this shift are being moved safely away from it. This is a mass awakening. It will effect whoever it needs to.

Third, the people that are outside of the shift are divided into two groups. Although I must say that these groups were quite small.

The first group is there to be seen by those waking up as that’s their job. They have taken on new roles and are now “parked” in place waiting to help transition the newbies to the new earth.

The second group doesn’t necessarily want to be seen. They have decided to not be part of this transition that’s taking place through at least 2020. This means you’ll likely see some people that have been at the realms move on in some way. They are choosing new roles that will now move them out of the spotlight.

This is how these transitions work. People that carry the light move in stages and shifts. This means that they pass their batons over to the next group of souls to take over. This is a continuous cycle until everyone has transitioned according to their soul contracts.

I’ve noticed these “wave like” transitions over the last year or so and not only does it awaken the new souls, it enlightens everyone on it’s path. So if you were woken up last year, this year you’ll wake up even more. People will continue to be in these shifts until they’ve reached full consciousness.

In other words, you will continue being in these shifts until you’ve reached the new earth. This is a spiritual awakening and that brings about your truth, the truth of those around you and the truth from out in this world. Yet you only see what you are actually ready to see. The shifts simply allow you to see more and more.

These transitions are perfectly timed and while they may seem chaotic when they hit, it’s a necessary part of your journey. It’s what you signed up to do and be part of.

We all agreed to be part of this amazing time. A time that is trying to usher in love, peace, joy, happiness and harmony throughout the planet. With that you can experience a new passion for life full of synchronicities, flow and abundance. That’s how things were supposed to be and that’s what all of this is about…so you can live authentically and be happy.

Welcome to November.

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