Lightworkers activated on Halloween

Shortly after realizing what role I was to become involved in yesterday, reclaiming the children of the earth, I was guided to invoke others to join me.

I summoned all lightworkers that held as much light within them as I do. I asked that they all step forward in helping to be there for these children.

You see the children needed to see light bearers closest to them and it had to be done globally. So if you felt guided to reclaim the children as I did, then you were put into service.

What do I mean by reclaiming? It’s simply calling their energy back to us where our light can transform their darkness in terms of energy. So energetically we’ve brought them “home” so they could continue to live out their purpose here. And so they could heal.

What may have occurred afterwards is you likely felt them clinging to you or lining up all around you. I even had one come up to me to hold my hand as I walked. I believe she was the voice for the group of children brought to me.

I felt like we’ve had some great success and I want to personally thank each and every one of you that stepped up to the plate in order to protect the children of the earth and the children yet to be born. We also helped children that have left earth.

Halloween was a victory in my book and one that I won’t soon forget. It’s important to stay true to yourself and know that when you randomly get an idea to do something, just do it…even if you’re unsure of what the outcome will be. Positive, loving action is always a win/win.

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