Venus Retrograde


Venus Retrograde has got me all worked up. You see this feels like a test to me. Perhaps you’re seeing situations and people from your past that you’re completely done with.

This is the time where those who have connected with you on a deeper level tend to come out of the woodwork. They want that old feeling back because they’re not getting it with the one they are with.

Because of that you need to stay strong and keep your personal boundaries in place. You need to know that you deserve better and are willing to let each and everyone of them go because you’re not willing to settle for less.
And just because this is all you’re being offered at the present time, doesn’t mean that’s all there is. You see women get especially fearful around the whole being alone thing. Oh and the age thing too…tick tock.
Look just because you connect with someone energetically, or because they seem to touch your soul, doesn’t mean that they are right for you. This is where so many people get hung up.
You think that because there is a “connection” that everything else goes out with the bath water. Yes the relationships you are encountering now run deep… energetically. And yes, it can feel fated. But you have to look at the entire picture.
Example, you meet a guy and you can practically feel the feelings he has for you. You’re thinking, “Wow! This is great!” You’ve connected energetically and your chest is about to explode with love because of it. But then you find out that he’s married and now you have a choice to make.
You either go with it because you think it’s fated, or you walk away because you know you deserve an available man. A married man is not available no matter what you think inside of your head.
Again, strong boundaries are necessary now as you navigate the new earth. If you want better, then act like you do. Start making healthy choices. Love yourself enough to know that you can have a healthy and loving relationship with an available partner no matter how old you are. If you believe it, it can happen. Because in the new earth all things are now possible.

© 2018 Luci Russo. All rights reserved.

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