Seesawing energy

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

There’s a type of seesawing going on right now with the energy. There’s forward motion and then it feels like it’s backwards motion. It can feel like it’s difficult to get going one day, as if you’re trudging through mud, while the next day everything flows perfectly.

It can feel as though you’re hitting a wall one moment only to have the wall removed in the next.

This has to do with the massive amount of people who are now shifting places on the Ascension bridge.

The Ascension bridge is literally the place you go to while you move through dimensions. You start off in the third dimension (3D), then move to the fourth dimension (4D) and then on to the fifth dimension (5D).

Dimensions are simply the stages that you go through during your awakening process. The 3D represents the ego, while 4D is about learning to live through love…love of yourself. 5D is where you take what you learned and step into a completely new role (your purpose) because you have changed on the inside. Now your outer world has to change with it. This is known as ascension.

It’s a fairly large bridge able to accommodate anyone and everyone that needs to be on it. It’s a place you go to as you begin your spiritual quest. It’s where the divine spark within you gets lit up as you awaken to the life that you have created thus far and to the endless possibilities.

It’s about waking up to your truth…your reality. It’s about living out your soul purpose while learning lessons, clearing out your fears and completing your karmic cycles. Your journey is about learning to have passion and creativity, loving yourself and doing what brings you joy, happiness, love and peace. It’s about connecting to your inner divinity and living out your true purpose and connecting to a higher source be that God, Goddess, the Universe, Buddha, etc.

You see the people on the front of the bridge are now stepping off the bridge (into 5D) while people in the back are moving to the front while others are just stepping onto the bridge for the very first time. This creates the forward momentum.

But at the same time, the folks stepping off the bridge are feeling a bit skeptical and afraid of their new roles so they stop. They are trying to decide what they want or if they should wait for another opportunity. This creates a domino effect behind them where people literally bump into each other, which in turn creates a type of swaying back and forth.

It’s a lot like being at a concert or a football game when the whole place empties out at all once. All it takes is for the people up front to stop dead in their tracks and it triggers everyone else. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll just bump into the person in front of you which sort of pushes them forward again. But if the person in front of them is stopped, they’ll bounce back again. It’s the same effect.

So when everyone starts pushing forward again it feels great and everything flows then as soon as the next day, it’s back to where it was. And then you may notice your own fears or perhaps fears that aren’t even yours. You may sense the fears of the collective at any given time. If you’re someone that is highly sensitive to energy, this would be why you’re feeling the way you are. And it’s creating confusion because you suddenly start to question everything that you believe or thought was right for you.

My advice during this transition is when in doubt about your own steps, simply sleep on it. I say this because we are having quick turnaround times now as the Universe plunges all of us forward. Sleeping on it gives you a new perspective and clarity.

This is what’s happening right now as so many people are involved in this massive push forward. Although some of it is about being realistic about what you can feasibly do in this moment. Like maybe you’re starting a website and you found a great host but you’re having trouble figuring out how to pay for it. Even though you’ve got big ideas you have to make do with what you’ve got. Get a free site until you’re in a position to get a paid one. There’s nothing wrong with that…many people start out that way.

While we are all taking these steps forward and backwards, its good to pay attention to the details. Stay in the present moment and do what you can right now because you can always change it later.

This momentum is likely to continue through the end of the year. We’re not just talking about a hundred people here. It’s thousands perhaps millions. This push forward all comes courtesy of the Universe. So we are all going through this back and forth motion…together as so many people continue to make this transition.

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