Life after the solar eclipses

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

The three eclipses that we went through during July and August have broken doors wide open and now there is a massive shift taking place until the end of the year.

So many that have been asleep at the wheel in their life are being woken up. While those that are awake are just stepping into phase two of their lives.

This is where everyone comes together on the ascension bridge from 3D to 4D to 5D.

You are facing certain choices that are allowing you to move forward, to become unstuck and to simply get on with your life. However, it can feel like everyone has gone mad as so many different choices are being made all at once. This is effecting everyone.

Perhaps you find yourself moving…whether you chose to move or the Universe gave you a big nudge doesn’t really matter because you created these circumstances to begin with. You chose at some point that this is what you wanted and now those thoughts have been put into action.

That’s the thing about the current manifestations taking place…when you receive what you’ve been truly wanting, it kind of makes you question if you really want it at all. This can be true as many people were stuck in place for so long that you may wonder if and when the other shoe is going to drop. You may not trust what’s happening. Try to go with the flow so that you don’t halt the process.

Just know that whatever is happening in your life now, is all in preparation for what’s to come in 2020 and beyond. You need to be in a setting that truly matches your energetic needs. That said, the people you need to be around are also surfacing at this time and quite quickly I might add. This is likely to happen even more so in the coming months and into 2019 as people move into their new roles.

Everyone is quite literally getting a big cosmic shove to take action steps, even if you have to travel through mud to get there. No one said it was going to be easy. But action equals steps towards joy and that’s what life is supposed to be all about. So as we all move forward in whatever way is necessary, know that your journey is about you…no one else. So make choices based on what is right for you and enjoy the ride.

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