My role as a Gatekeeper

Photo courtesy of Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Something I have known for a while now, since late last year, is that my spiritual/Ascension role as a Gatekeeper was coming to an end. Many other roles are also shifting at this time.

You see for what seems like all of my least the last two decades, I have been stuck in place and unable to be successful, happy, loved in a healthy way or be able to move. Though I did move once temporarily because of what was needed at that location. I ultimately ended up right back here about a year and a half later after the mission was completed.

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Stepping into new energy spaces

Photo courtesy of Joline Torres on Unsplash

As I’ve mentioned previously in my “A look ahead to July 31st” update and again in my “What’s in the air for August 2019” update, many are moving into new energetic spaces in New Earth this month. However, the number of people going through this process right now are very high…perhaps millions. I don’t truly know the numbers but this is a massive undertaking by the Universe at this time.

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What’s “in the air” for August 2019

Photo courtesy of hpgruesen on Pixabay

I’ve decided to rename my energy outlooks to “What’s in the air“. The reason is because I read the energy that’s literally floating around in the air and because my guides suggested it. 😁

The theme for August is upgrades. These upgrades come as many ascend to higher frequency levels caused by a move into new energetic spaces. Of course the move comes courtesy of the Universe.

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